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Energising people: Victoria from Northern Powergrid

After graduating with a Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Victoria Gosling completed her Masters in Power Systems Engineering at the University of Manchester before becoming a contractor. As a contractor she carried out a range of projects in the industry, including some for Northern Powergrid.

Victoria is now part of Northern Powergrid’s System Planning Team based in Shiremoor where she delivers projects that assess how the company use their network to best effect for their customers. As part of her role, she carries out studies to look at network use, capacity and future opportunities which help inform everything from how infrastructure is operated and maintained to how it is developed in the future. 

Victoria is working as part of a team which is exploring the use of flexibility – where generators or large customers can be paid to reduce or ‘flex’ their electricity use to help Northern Powergrid manage any potential increase in demand without the need for major network upgrades. The team is also looking at system planning in relation to managing a more active network with more low carbon technologies connected to it in the future.

Victoria said: “I’ve always enjoyed problem solving and had an interest in low carbon energy and renewables. When I was thinking about my career path I could see opportunities to bring these different interests together. Being able to think about electricity networks in terms of opportunities and challenges means I can use my skills to come up with system plans and recommendations that will help our network deliver for our customers every day.

“Also working to create a greener energy network is key and something I’m passionate about. Being part of a team that is constantly working to make the network that powers peoples’ lives more efficient and able to connect more low carbon technologies is fascinating. “Every day I get to use my problem-solving skills to think about solutions for future needs or challenges on our network before they happen. I would certainly recommend that more young women consider the energy sector when they are thinking about how they would like to develop their career.”