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Energising people: Mary from Northern Powergrid

Mary Black, who joined Northern Powergrid in 2005, has more than 25 years’ experience in computer programming, data analysis and distribution network engineering.

In 2020 Mary played a leading role in Northern Powergrid’s inaugural Innovation and Ideas Festival – a digital event designed to empower and educate people about the technologies that are shaping the local power infrastructure and support the transition to net zero across the region.

Mary led Northern Powergrid’s Distribution Future Energy Scenarios (DFES) event – one of the most popular sessions in the festival. She talked about how we’re using the most innovative data mapping approaches to see how key low carbon technology – from electric vehicles to heat pumps – will grow in each town and city we serve.

Mary, who was inspired by the women of World War II who left traditional roles to become much-needed engineers, said: “I’ve always been passionate about computing, data and engineering and how it touches the world around us.

“Electricity undoubtedly plays a major role in powering our lives and this is only going to increase in the decades ahead as we move toward more electric heating, storage and transport.”

“Being involved in some of the cutting-edge work we are doing to plan for tomorrow’s energy system is exciting and I’d love to see more women be part of our journey to decarbonise our network and create greener energy for future generations.”