One week to go: ENA's Gas Networks Innovation Strategy consultation is hotting up

By Robert Thomas, Gas Policy Executive, Energy Networks Association

The draft Gas Network Innovation Strategy sets out the challenges and the opportunities facing the gas transmission and distribution networks as the UK looks to decarbonise its energy system to meet climate change targets. Delivering carbon reductions for 2050 means taking action now, and the draft Strategy sets out the role that our existing gas infrastructure can play in meeting demand for power, heat and transport in a low carbon economy. It seeks views from technology providers on how they would like to see gas network companies play a role in delivering greater energy innovation in the future, to benefit our customers and the industry as a whole.

Under the RIIO regulatory framework, network innovation is already delivering efficiencies and helping to shape the future of gas. The Strategy showcases key network innovation projects and sets out the networks’ strategic priorities for future innovation, centred around seven themes:

  • Future of gas
  • Safety and emergency
  • Reliability and maintenance
  • Repair
  • Distribution mains replacement
  • Security
  • Environment and low carbon

The consultation gives you the chance to help develop the strategy and shape the future of gas network innovation. It asks whether we have identified the right themes to describe the challenges and uncertainties facing the gas network, and whether the plans set out to meet these challenges are sufficient. It seeks views on whether the structures for coordinating innovation and sharing learning can be improved, to ensure that the impact of innovation projects is as wide as possible.

Submitting your views couldn’t be simpler – you can either write to us via [email protected], or fill out an online form here. Note that a parallel consultation on the draft Electricity Network Innovation Strategy closes today. 

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