Eco Design regulations for transformers

Proposals currently being discussed in the EU around the regulations governing some networks equipment may pose significant manufacturing challenges for UK assets. Although the definitive version of the proposals is yet to be made available we understand the current wording is being discussed at EU ‘Cabinet’ level.

ENA companies met with Defra officials last week to underline the problems the regulations could cause for ground and pole mounted transformers and possibly primary substations with 33/11kV transformers. DECC and Ofgem also attended and were supportive of the industry’s critical position on these changes. The meeting was very constructive and ENA will be setting out a fuller briefing for the Department and we are working with Eurelectric on an EU-wide position on this.

In these challenging economic times for all European countries, the often potentially costly consequences of EU proposed regulations should be of concern to the UK and other member states. While well-intentioned in their inception, the risk of unintended consequences and the different ways in which European rules are formulated requires that ENA maintains a strong awareness of the broader potential impact.

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  1. Patrick Mcmullan:
    Jul 01, 2013 at 11:25 PM

    Interested in this topic as it may have implications for Australian utilities.Please keep me posted.

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