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Thatcher’s legacy and the Energy Bill

Looking back to another age for energy policy was evoked last week by the death of Lady Thatcher. In all the discussions about her long premiership, the key theme was change and one of the main examples given was the transfer into private ownership of our gas and electricity industry. How long ago does it seem that we were implored to "tell Sid"? When our infrastructure was state owned and run by "Boards".

Our challenge and the Coalition’s

You’d expect the most telling comment on the Government’s position on energy in Brighton last week to come from their Secretary of State Ed Davey. But, although he delivered countless confident fringe moments, administered an albeit small dose of much-needed confidence to the industry and investors, and reassured us with a recognition of balance; he was somehow slightly upstaged by a quiet and easily missed comment from Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

Keeping the door of optionality open

Writing on Politic Homes, Ed Davey is right to highlight the future role for gas and to not close the door of optionality for our energy mix.