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Putting the H100 into hydrogen - demonstrating hydrogen networks

With the 22nd December deadline for responses to the Gas Network Innovation Strategy fast approaching, Mark Wheeldon, Innovation Project Manager at SGN, gives an overview of the innovative H100 project that aims to build a hydrogen demonstration network.

One week to go: ENA's Gas Networks Innovation Strategy consultation is hotting up

There's just one week left to help shape the future of energy innovation in the UK, with the consultation on Energy Networks Association’s draft Gas Network Innovation Strategy closing on Friday 22nd December.

Open Networks: The electricity networks' role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Open Networks Project is a prime example of a project where experiences we draw from other sectors could provide crucial support in enabling the outcomes to have the greatest impact to the market. Building a smart energy grid based on a de-centralised delivery model which allows for a flexible delivery model based on localised demand patterns in many ways models the approach taken by many automotive firms who have also made radical changes to their manufacturing strategies.

Get ‘appy’: Western Power Distribution’s OpenLV Project

Mark Dale, Innovation and Low Carbon Networks Engineer at Western Power Distribution (WPD) explains why electricity distribution networks are getting ‘appy with an introduction to the OpenLV project.

Using contingency analysis to keep the distribution network secure and reliable: UK Power Network’s Kent Active System Management

Alex Jakeman, Innovation Project Lead at UK Power Networks, discusss the Kent Active System Management (KASM) and how the project has been exploring the value of contingency analysis software in operational timeframes on the network in East Kent.

Discovering the true value of power: Electricity North West’s VoLL project

Ahead of the Low Carbon Network Innovation (LCNI) Conference, taking place from the 6th – 7th December in Telford, we will be posting introductions to some of the ground-breaking innovation projects that will be presented there by our members.

Enhancing system stability: The Enhanced Frequency Control Capability (EFCC) Project

As part of the transition to a new energy future, Lilian Macleod, EFCC’s Project Manager at National Grid explains how the project is providing a solution to the challenge of maintaining frequency stability on the transmission system, allowing greater visibility on the electricity system by using real time data and delivering value to consumers.

Whole-systems thinking in low carbon heat: WWU & WPD’s FREEDOM Project

Ahead of the Low Carbon Network Innovation (LCNI) Conference, taking place from the 5th – 7th December in Telford, we will be posting introductions to some of the ground-breaking innovation projects that will be presented there by our members.

Open Networks monthly blog: Delivering on our Power Potential

As part of the ENA’s Open Networks project, Ali Reza Ahmadi, Lead Power Systems Engineer at UK Power Networks and Biljana Stojkovska, Power Potential Project Lead at National Grid explain how Power Potential is a world-first trial to create a new market for distributed energy resources.

SSE: Decoding ‘Peer-to-Peer’ for Electricity Networks

Daniel Saker, Policy Manager at SSE, discusses how the electricity system will cope with and facilitate the continued growth of distributed energy resources and the concept of a 'peer-to-peer' market place. A critical step to facilitating Peer-to-Peer and local flexibility services is the transition to DSO, as these parties will be responsible for providing information on network congestion to the market in real-time. The ENA’s Open Networks Project is working on the detail of this and is ensuring that new DSO functionality is fit for purpose, both in terms of continuing to provide network reliability and enabling smart technology to provide customer benefits.

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