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By representing both the electricity and gas networks we are withough prejudice to the type of energy. Our members serve one purpose - to keep our lights on, our homes warm and delivering this vital service to the businesses and industries of our economies in the most safe, reliable and affordable way.

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New Interactivity and Queue Management plans make it easier for flexible energy to connect

Queueing is something that appears deeply rooted in our national identity. The average Brit spends  67 hours every year queueing, but who wrote the rules? And what is the best way to form an orderly queue?


Profile: Farina Farrier, Open Networks Project Manager

Farina Farrier joined ENA in 2017 as the Project Manager for the Open Networks Project, having previously worked in the energy sector in a range of roles over the 11 years, on three different continents. The Open Networks Project is a flagship ENA project that is laying the foundations for the smart grid in Great Britain, by transforming the role of grid infrastructure in…

Profile: Casey Sattler, Policy & Stakeholder Engagement Manager

Following a career working in the oil and gas indusry, Casey joined ENA in July 2018 as a Press & Public Affairs Officer for the Open Networks Project, which is laying the foundations for Britain's smart grid. In February this year she changed roles to become a Policy & Stakeholder Engagement Manager, responsible for developing ENA's policy agenda as Britain's energy networks go through a once…

Profile: Evie Trolove, Engineering Programme Manager

Evie Trolove joined ENA in 2017 as an Engineering Programme Manager, working as part of ENA's Innovation Team. In her time at time at ENA, she's worked on a range of different projects including the first ever joint Network Innovation Strategy for Britain's electricity networks. Most recently she's been responsbile for managing ENA's

Focussing on the customer – how can we deliver the infrastructure that customers demand?

Focussing on the customer – how can we deliver the infrastructure that customers demand? By Steve Mockford, Head of Multi Utility Design at GTC

Shaping the whole electricity system of the future

Shaping the whole electricity system of the future

Innovating to help us achieve our better future, quicker

Innovating to help us achieve our better future, quicker by Jim McOmish, Head of Distribution Networks and Open Networks Lead for SP Energy Networks

Hurray for Polywood! Northern Powergrid trials innovation electricity poles that could save more than 90,000 trees a year

Northern Powergrid is championing a new sustainable ultra-strong wood pole manufacturing technique that reduces material use by up to 85%. The network operator is now calling on DNO colleagues to support the development of Pollywood…

With a little help from our friends – WPD and National Grid join forces in the West Country

Collaboration is vital to the future of both the transmission and distribution networks as the amount of low carbon generation increases.

As such, the industry is working together as part of the Open Networks project, taking a whole system approach to electricity…

Big Data is coming to the utility industry

As part of ENA’s Open Networks Project, Borsu Shahnavaz, Data Scientist, at UK Power Networks discusses the potential benefits of harnessing big data in the electricity industry.

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