Gas Networks Joint Stakeholder Engagement

Energy Networks Association and the GB gas networks recently carried out a wide ranging survey through which senior government and business leaders highlighted the pivotal role of Britain’s gas networks in delivering a cleaner, smarter and more efficient energy system for the public. The survey, led by independent research consultants Accent, targeted close to 80 senior-level, national stakeholders from businesses, consumer groups, the Government and think tanks.

This research was the first step in giving our national stakeholders the opportunity to help determine the right long-term priorities and ensure the right outcomes are delivered for customers and stakeholders - at a time of rapid industry change, the survey shows that stakeholders see a role for the gas networks in three key areas: driving innovation across Britain; developing the role of gas for our future energy system; and helping to decarbonise the energy system.

Expanding on the findings of this survey, a bespoke, face-to-face workshop will be held in early 2019 to explore stakeholder priorities for the future of the gas networks in greater depth, including how the networks should tackle key challenges across the whole energy system.

The results of Phase 1 of the survey can be found here