Gas Network Innovation Strategy

The Gas Network Innovation Strategy sets out the challenges and the opportunities facing the gas transmission and distribution networks as the UK looks to decarbonise its energy system to meet climate change targets. The Strategy sets out the role that our existing gas infrastructure can play in meeting demand for power, heat and transport in a low carbon economy. It seeks views from technology providers on how they would like to see gas network companies play a role in delivering greater energy innovation in the future.

Stakeholder consultation around the Strategy forms a crucial part in its development. Gas network companies have received feedback on the content, structure and style of the Strategy through a public consultation which ran until 22 December 2017, and discussed the draft with a range of stakeholders at ENA’s Low Carbon Networks and Innovation conference in December. For information on the separate consultation on the Electricity Network Innovation Strategy please see here

Consultation Document

The consultation document can be accessed here.

Next Steps

ENA's Gas Innovation and Governance Group is currently considering responses to the consultation. The final Strategy will be published by April 2018.