The Future of the UK Smart Grid Summit 2017

The Future of the UK Smart Grid Summit 2017

A One-Day Conference

14th June 2017, Central London

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A smooth and successful transition to a smarter and more flexible grid is a necessity if growth in carbon emissions is going to be limited and the UK Government’s environmental targets achieved. Market developments, underpinned by support from the UK Government in the form of the recently launched Industrial Strategy and emerging energy policy, are facilitating this transition, which is expected to gather pace in the next few years.

This transition will change the dynamics of the energy market, since it requires a transformation in the business model and the structure of the market. Like any other major transformation, this one requires - and creates - opportunities for a wide range of innovations, including disruptive technologies; as well as generating many promising opportunities for responsible investment.

Following up on our very successful UK Energy Investment Summit, The Future of the UK Smart Grid Summit will be held shortly after the anticipated publication of the results of the ‘Smart Power call for evidence’(CFE) by Ofgem and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), as well as publication of the BEIS policy on Emissions Reduction Plan.

This highly topical event is a unique opportunity for C-level executives across the UK and European energy markets to discuss a pathway for successful smart grid deployment, to examine how the structure of the electricity market needs to evolve to keep pace with developments, and to analyse the implications of existing innovations and future opportunities for incumbents, newcomers and investors.

The key themes include:

  • Reviewing the crucial role of the regulator and the government in the successful development of smart grid in the UK
  • Analysing how this transformation is going to impact current energy players

  • Redesigning the UK power market to facilitate transition to a smart energy system and the monetisation of innovation

  • Examining the transformation of traditional utility companies and the outlook for new market entrants

  • Reviewing Investment opportunities in the emerging structure of the power market

Speakers include:

  • Duncan Botting, Managing Director, Global Smart Transformation and Director, EUTC

  • Laura Edwards, Head of Innovation Link, Ofgem

  • Robert Evans, Chief Executive Officer, CENEX

  • Sebastian Eyre, Fellow of Centre for the Analysis of Risk and Regulation, LSE

  • Tony Glover, Director of Policy & Gas, Energy Networks Association

  • Rob Gross, Director, UKERC 

  • Chris Harris, Head of Regulations, Npower

  • Terry McCormick, Head of Corporate Development, National Grid

  • Rosie McGlynn, Director of New Energy Services, Energy UK

  • Joe Perkins, Partner, Analysis, Ofgem

  • Charlotte Ramsay, Programme Director, Future Role of the Systems Operator,National Grid

  • Rachel Ruffle, Managing director Western Europe and Director, Renewable EnergySystems and Renewable UK

  • Marco Schweer, Assistant General Manager, Infrastructure Finance, Head of SmartGrids and Utilities Infrastructure, SMBC

  • Paul Spence, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, EDF Energy

  • Rupert Steele, Director of Regulation, Scottish Power

  • Chris Wright, Co-Founder & CTO, Moixa Technology

The full event programme and confirmed speakers can be viewed on the event website by clicking the link below.

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