SHE Overview

Safety is a core consideration for networks. That means the safety of the public we serve and the workforce that maintains and operates the networks. Working with our members and other stakeholders to maintain and improve the industry’s safety record has been an abiding tenet of ENA. We are guided by a will to learn from the past to ensure our members are equipped for the future.

We have launched a new five-year health and safety strategy following a successful10-year programme. That programme - SAFELEC 2010 -  reduced by 30 per cent the number of working days lost per 100,000 workers through work-related injury and ill health cut the rate of fatal and major injury accidents by 10 per cent.

The National Health and Safety Advisory Committee (HESAC) has for 33 years drawn together companies and trade unions of the electricity industry - networks, generation and supply - with representatives from the Health and Safety Executive to consider health and safety issues that affect our sector.

Metal theft is a persistent and serious problem for the energy distribution and transmission industries. We will continue to work with the police on this issue.Our committee continued last year to coordinate the industry’s position on public concerns about exposure to EMFs generated by electrical networks. We are committed to maintaining open communication on this issue. We, along with member company National Grid, were instrumental in setting up the Stakeholder Advisory Group on Electric and Magnetic Fields (SAGE) which brings together public representatives, scientists, Government and industry on the issue. We continue to participate in, and fund, SAGE.

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National Health and Safety Commitee (HESAC)