Fluid Filled Cable Resources 

ENA's Fluid-filled Cable (FFC) Liaison Group has produced Guidance on the National Operating Code for Fluid-filled Cables. This document has been drawn up between the Environment Agency and the Energy Networks Association member companies.

Guidance on the National Operating Code for the Management of FFC Systems

The Operating Code outlines the arrangements for the management of fluid filled cable systems and for minimising any environmental impact from their operation. ENA Member Companies work with the Environment Agency to raise awareness of the systems and procedures in place to manage these assets. To support this a number of joint workshops have been run by UK Power Networks and the Environment Agency as part of the training programme for staff.

The decommissioning of fluid-filled cables at the end of their operational life similarly needs to be managed, and the environmental impact of the process assessed to determine the most appropriate decommissioning method. The following guidance outlines the available options to be considered by the companies prior to undertaking any decommissioning work.