Working Groups

Commercial Operations Group

The distribution network operators have formed the Commercial Operations Group (COG) to represent legitimate common interests of DNOs in fulfilling their licence obligations. They co-operate in the improvement of commercial and contractual services provided to network users. Their aim is to maximise transparency and fairness to all network users in an economic and efficient way, and thereby to facilitate market competition. 

DER Connections / DNO Steering Group

Distributed Generation (DG) is also known as embedded or dispersed generation. DG is electricity generating plant that is connected to a distribution network rather than the transmission network. There are many types and sizes of DG, including Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants, wind farms, hydro-electric power, solar power parks, and other generating technologies.
Over recent years there has been a dramatic growth in the number of distributed generators seeking to connect to the distribution network. Ofgem has previously hosted three DG Forum events as an opportunity for DG customers and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to discuss issues associated with connecting to the network and steps taken to improve arrangements, and as of 2013 these annual events have been undertaken by the DNOs themselves (through ENA). As well as presentations from DNOs and DG community representatives there is ample opportunity for questions and open discussion at these events. The DG DNO Steering Group exists to share and agree best practice for DG connections policy and to follow-up on issues raised at the DG Fora.

Information about the next Forum can be found here.

For information about the DG Fora 2016 event, please click here.

Presentations from the DG Fora 2015 can be found here.

Presentations from previous DG Fora events can be found here.

DER Connections / DNO Steering Group meeting minutes can be found here.

The Terms of Reference for the group can be found here.

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Technical issues relating to DG connections are managed by a subgroup, the DNO DG Technical Forum; more detail can be found here.

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COG Connections Connections Charging Methodology Forum

The Connections Charging Methodologies Forum (CCMF) has been established to continue the work that established the Common Connections Charging Methodology and Statement from October 2010.

The CCMF will hold a quarterly teleconference and, will consider and progress policy relating to the DNO connection charging methodologies and statements. 

Minutes from past meetings can be found here.