WS2 - Customer Information Provision & Connections


2019 Products 

If you would like to learn more about the products planned for 2019, please refer to the Phase 3 Project Initiation Document (PID) 2019. Alternatively, should you wish to be notified when new products are launched, subscribe to the Open Networks mailing list by clicking here. 

Product 2: Queue Management

This product takes forward the work done under ONP in 2018 under WS2 P5 and WS1 P10 & P11 to address action 1.6 from the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan. It will outline longer term improvements to the connection queue through the development of a consistent queue management policy across networks. In doing so, this product will also need to take into account any work that is progressed under Ofgem’s Significant Code Review and any network company owned initiative on access.

Update Roadmap & Scenarios

Following a Call for Evidence in 2018 on the Treatment of Flexible Resources, Open Networks agreed to present real example connection scenarios to help articulate the varied offerings available and allow recommendations to be made which improve the existing processes that make up or support Interactivity and Queue Management. The aim of this document is to further improve network connections processes for flexible resources, including (but not limited) to energy storage, facilitate the continuing transition to a low carbon economy and support Action 1.6 of the Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan alongside other delivered and planned industry outputs.