Project Deliverables

2019 Documents

ENA response to BEIS and Ofgem open letter on the Open Networks Project

In July 2019, BEIS and Ofgem sent a joint open letter to ENA on the Open Networks Project, providing clarity on their priorities and actions for the project moving forward. The full ENA response to BEIS and Ofgem's open letter can be found here.

Monitoring Implementation

Monitoring Implementation is a key activity that the Open Networks Project undertakes twice a year to review the deployment of practices and track the progress being made across individual networks companies, looking to understand the barriers to implementation further.

Analysis of the networks' progress can be found on the slide deck above. As set out in the 2019 Project Initiation Document (PID), this exercise will be undertaken on a bi-annual basis to monitor the progress of new products as they are developed.

Phase 3 Project Initiation Document (PID) 2019 (updated)

Following our successful delivery in 2017 and 2018, we scoped and planned our development work for 2019, as set out in the Phase 3 2019 Project Initiation Document (PID). Following stakeholder feedback recieved through the consultation on our work plan, we have updated the 2019 PID to incorporate these actions and reflect the changes. The consultation feedback is available on our Public Consultations page.

2018 Documents

Phase 2 Project Initiation Document (updated)

Based on stakeholder feedback that we received through the consultation on our programme of work for 2018, we have updated our Project Initiation Document to incorporate these actions and reflect the changes. The previous version of this document and a consultation summary can be viewed on the Public Consultations page.

 2017 Documents

Open Networks Phase 1 Closure Report