WS3 - DSO Transition

Workstream 3 Products


2018 Products

If you would like to learn more about the products planned for 2018, please refer to the Phase 2 Project Initiation Document. Alternatively, should you wish to be notified when new products are launched, please join the Open Networks mailing list by clicking here.


DSO Functional & System Requirements (updated)

The DSO Functional & System Requirements document has been updated to reflect wider stakeholder feedback from the SGAM stakeholder workshops and the Advisory Group sessions. Three of the functions and their related activities have been updated based on this feedback. A summary of these changes is outlined in the slides presented to the Advisory Group on 12th April (slide 62-70).


DSO Definition (updated)

The DSO Definition document has been updated to reflect the changes in the functions and associated activities.



 2017 Products

Product 2: DSO Functional & System Requirements (superceded - please see 2018 product above)

 Product 1 b): DSO Roadmap 

 Product 1 a): DSO Definition (superceded)