WS2 - Customer Experience

Workstream 2 Products


2018 Products

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Product 1: Good Practice ahead of Connection Applications

This product focuses on the engagement and information that is available for customers before they apply. More specifically, this analysis focuses on current DNO practices to ascertain a level of good performance to act as a benchmark for customer service in advance of making formal connection offers.

Product 3: Terms and Definitions

This document is intended to be a reference document to provide more accessible definitions for terms that are used in the Open Networks project and related activities. It includes definitions for many of the terms that are being used in areas of the Open Networks project including the connection of resources to distribution networks and the provision of services from Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to support transmission and distribution network operation.


2017 Products

Product: Information on Distribution Connection Options

This document aims to describe the different types of connection that DNOs may offer in response to requests from customers.  Customers seek more clarity on the different types of connection available and the level of supply security they provide.  In addition, as some networks become constrained, customers will need to more carefully consider what they need and what they wish to pay for in terms of connection availability.  Useful links are included at the end of this document for customers seeking guidance on getting connected.

Product: Customer Information Requirements 

Product: Customer Journey Maps - Post Connection 

 Product: Customer Journey Maps - New or Modified Connection 

 Product: Customer Category Descriptions