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2018 Products 

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2017 Products

Product 3: Investment Planning Model (Short Term) paper

This paper proposes an approach to whole system investment planning in the short term.

Product 2: Gaps and Issues Report - Investment and Operational Planning

This report identifies and analyses gaps, issues and barriers in the current investment and operational planning processes and presents an action plan to address them.

Product 7: GSP Planning Limit Roll Out Programme 

The GSP Planning Limits Roll Out Programme sets out the plan which has been developed and agreed by all DNOs, TOs and the GBSO to establish Planning Limits across the Transmission/Distribution boundary, and ultimately deliver the transition away from Statement of Works when assessing the impact of Distributed Energy Resources on the transmission system. The programme will provide visibility to all interested stakeholders as to where current trials are in place and timescales for wider roll out across GB. Any questions on the programme should be directed to the particular DNO for the network area in question. The GBSO is currently developing their proposals for the associated CUSC (Connection & Use of System Code) Modification with a view of initial presentation at the January TCMF (Transmission Charging Methodologies Forum) and CUSC Panel Meetings.

Product 5: Potential Whole System Operational Issues 

As the electricity system changes, moving to more active operation across all voltage levels, then some existing resilience functions may be affected. This report identifies at a high level some areas of whole system operability that need to be reassessed in light of future electricity system operation.

Product 7: Planning limits data template 

The Data Template sets out the information required by the SO/TOs from each DNO in order to undertake the necessary system studies which will determine planning limits at GSPs. A subset of this data will also form the basis of the data exchange between the DNOs, SO and TOs when managing DG contracted to connect under the new proposed process, the impact on the transmission system and the agreed planning limits.

Product 7: Statement of Works Customer Journey Maps

The Customer Journey maps set out the current SoW process along with the data exchange and process flows, together with the new proposed process which will establish planning limits at each DNO GSP, new contractual arrangements between the DNOs and SO and the resulting customer benefits. It should be noted however that the customer journey map reflects the process where a planning limit has been established. Where further studies are required in order to determine a new panning limit, this will require the DNO to submit a Modification Application to the GBSO.

Product 1Key Learnings from trial projects

 Product 1: Mapping Current SO, TO and DNO Processes