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Consultation: 2019 Workplan

Following our successful delivery in 2017 and 2018, we have scoped and planned our development work for 2019 and it is this plan of work, set out in the Phase 3 2019 Project Initiation Document (PID), which we are inviting responses to in this consultation. It is very important for the success of the project that we focus on the right topics and that we are informed by the widest possible stakeholder perspective. The consultation closes on 22nd February 2019. Please send your responses electronically to [email protected].

Consultation document: Consultation document on Phase 3 Work Programme

Subsidiary documents: Phase 3 PID Document 2019

Close date: 22nd February 2019

Interactivity and Queue Management: Workstream 2 Product 5

As part of the review of processes for interactivity and queue management, it has become clear that there are gaps in the current processes, which require new processes to be developed. This consultation seeks your feedback on the current processes and provides some background into the processes to be developed in 2019.

Consultation document: Interactivity and Queue Management consultation document

Close date: 25th January 2019

Should you wish to take part in Interactivity and Queue Management consultation webinar on 10th January, please click here.

If you would like to submit a response to the consultation, please send us your response to [email protected]


Closed Public Consultations

2018 -

Future Worlds Consultation: Workstream 3 Product 5
For more information about the consultation, including a full list of responses received, please visit our Future Worlds Consultation page.

Call for Evidence/Consultation: Workstream 1 Product 10

The Open Networks team launched the Call for Evidence for Workstream 1 Product 10 to gather views and feedback that will help shape Open Networks work in this area. More information, including responses, will be made available once reviewed, along with the Open Networks final response to the consultation.

To view the call for evidence/consultation, click here.


If you wish to view the Open Networks webinar video, click here. The slides from the 17th/24th of the May webinar can also be viewed separately here

If you would like to view our response to the webinar, please click on the following link: Webinar response.

Consultation: 2018 Workplan

The Open Networks project sought stakeholder views on the work that had been scoped and planned for development in 2018: 

Consultation document: Consultation document on Phase 2 Work Programme

Subsidiary documents:  Phase 2 Project Initiation Document                                    

Close date: 23rd February 2018

Response Documents:

Consultation responses received -

Centrica Drax EDF ElectraLink Elexon Energy UK
EON ESP FPSA Gazprom HIE Innogy
JRC Noveus Open Utility Scottish Power Scottish Renewables Smartest Energy

Open Networks response

Open Netwoks response to consultation


If you wish to view the Open Networks webinar video, click here. The slides from the 15th February webinar can also be viewed separately here

A response to the comments received at the webinar can be viewed here.



The Open Networks project sought stakeholder views on the Commercial Principles for Contracted Flexibility: Promoting Access to Markets for Distributed Energy Resources paper which was delivered under 2017 Workstream 1 Product 4:

Consultation document: Commercial Principles for Contracted Flexibility

Close date: 29th September 2017

Response documents: 


Planned 2018 Consultations

Although the 2018 Workplan consultation has closed (please see below for more information), we have several other consultations planned for this year. By holding these consultations, we hope to gather and collate feedback, ideas and criticisms regarding our 2018 products in order to assist with their futher development.

Please find both the 2018 timeline and short desciption of what will be addressed in each consultation below:

Consultation Timeline

WS1: Product 10

  • Current good practice document for flexibility connections. This will consult on a report capturing current DNO approaches and good practice to flexibility queue management.

 WS3: Product 5

  • We will consult on the definition of the 5 DSO market models developed in Workstream 3, as well as the key enablers for DSO and the methodology and key criteria on which we intend to base cost benefit assessment.

WS2: Product 2

  • Position paper for capacity recycling, identifying and reviewing options for managing and planning capacity that may be contracted for but may not be being used by customers. Options and principles would be laid out in a position paper and recommendations would be provided to Ofgem & BEIS. This is likely to be linked to Ofgem’s review of Network Access and Forward Looking Charges.

WS2: Product 5

  • Improve customer information and improve network operator processes in the post-application phase including queue management. This will include publishing good practice on:
    • how interactive applications are handled;
    • approaches to queue management where connection capacity is limited; and
    • improving the general queue management and interactivity process information made available to customers.

WS1: Product 1

  • Investment Processes; Whole system investment models; and proposed extension to NOA framework to include DER solutions. We will develop whole system investment processes beginning with a Regional Network Options Assessment (NOA) process and then extending this to developing processes for the inclusion of DER based solutions to provide network capacity. We will consult on requirements for information and models to enable implementation of the whole system regional NOA approach.

Should you have any questions or require any additional information regarding these consultations, please contact us at [email protected].