Each year we hold a series of different events for both members and non-members. In addition to ENAs conferences and events, the Open Networks Project, along with our members, also host public events to run during our consultation periods – giving you the chance to hear from and ask questions to the project team.

Here you can find details and information on upcoming events, including presentations and materials from previous events, as well as consolidated sets of feedback and how we have incorporated this into the development of products from the work streams. Information and documents for the Advisory Group can be found here.

Ahead of each event, this page will be updated with the links to registration pages for stakeholders to sign up and find out more details. In addition to the website, we notify stakeholders when registration goes live through our distribution list - follow the link below to subscribe and keep informed of all upcoming events from the Open Networks Project.

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Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

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Tickets are now on sale for ENA’s annual Low Carbon Networks & Innovation (LCNI) conference, taking place on 30-31 October 2019 at the Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow. This year, electricity will be at the forefront as we feature the theme of empowering new energy innovators, with Paul Wheelhouse, Scottish Minister for Energy, Connectivity, and the Islands, opening the conference.

The two-day programme gives stakeholders an opportunity to hear about key projects and initiatives from across the whole industry, meet members and ask questions of the project teams. This year, LCNI will feature a specific session on the Open Networks Project. This year, students can get tickets to LCNI for only £20 when signing up with a university email address.

Register your attendance at the conference here.

Past Events

Interactivity & Queue Management Consultation

Consultation Webinar, 28th August 2019

Flexibility Services Consultation Events

As part of Workstream 1A's consusltation on Flexibility Services, a series of public events in London and Glasgow and two supporting webinars were held to give stakeholders more information on the consultation, and provide an opportunity to ask questions to an Open Networks Project representative. Following both public events, the questions and feedback have been captured in our response document, along with the response from the Project team. The document can be access here.

The event presentations can be found using the links below:

London, 10th July 2019

Event material:

Glasgow, 16th July 2019

Event material:

Consultation Webinar 1, 7th August 2019

Event material:

Consultation Webinar 2, 20th August 2019

  • Consolidated slides (coming soon)
  • Recording (coming soon)

System Wide Resource Register Webinar, 23rd July 2019

Flexibility Market Principles Workshop - 11th April 2019

As part of our Flexibility Services Workstream this year, we are undertaking work under WS1A P1 Flexibility Market Principles to outline guiding principles for the flexibility marketplace for DSO services. To support this, members of ENA’s Open Networks Project engaged early with DNOs, potential platform providers and market participants involved in the procurement of flexibility to develop guiding principles which drive the right behaviour in order to resolve electricity system issues.

In addition to the above, the works within WS1A P4 Commercial Arrangements were looking to deliver commonality across service agreements and contracts for network services. Within the initial reviews and gap analysis, a few fundamental questions wre raised which the members of the Open Networks project sought input from the group, to ensure the outputs best reflect the needs of stakeholders. 

Future Worlds: Impact Assessment Consultation - Events/Webinars

To support Future Worlds: Impact Assessment consultation and provide interested stakeholders with the opportunity to gain further clarity prior to the submission of their response, we held two webinars and two events, which can be accessed using the below links.



Webinar: 2019 Workplan Consultation - 13th February 2019

This webinar provided stakeholders with a more detailed understanding of the project’s plans for 2019. It began with a short overview of the 2019 Phase 3 Work Plan consultation document before providing an opportunity for participants to ask questions.

End of Year Report & 2019 Workplan - 1st February 2019

The Open Networks project team held the launch of the Open Networks End of Year Report (coming soon) and 2019 Workplan at ENA’s offices in London. This included an in-depth discussion with leading policymakers from BEIS and the Ofgem about their plans for smart networks in Great Britain.

Interactivity and Queue Management - 10th January 2019, webinar

This webinar provided interested stakeholders with the opportunity to look at the ENA consultation on Interactivity & Queue Management, which runs until 25th January and was published on the ENA website. It contained a short overview of the consultation document and as well as provide an opportunity to post questions via the chat function.

Future Worlds Presentation/Stakeholder Workshop - 1st November 2018, London

ENA and Baringa held a presentation/stakeholder workshop at the ENA offices. It involved the sharing of key findings from the consulation responses and the proposed next steps by the Open Networks Project team, as well as a summary of the worlds and their potential evolutions by Baringa. This also provided stakeholders with the opportunity to provide input into their work.

Meeting material:

Supporting material

Webinar: Whole System FES (WS1 P5) - 29th October 2018, London

This webinar introduced stakeholders to the work undertaken by the Whole System FES Product Team, which included the results of a survey on the current forecasting approaches by DNOs, the development work on the Whole System FES framework and the recommended way forward. It was an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions and provide feedback. 

Open Networks: Future Worlds Consultation

Stakeholder Events

Edinburgh - 29th August 2018

London - 3rd September 2018


Webinar 1 - 21st August 2018 

Webinar 2 - 13th September 2018

NETSO Coordinates World D - 27th April 2018

Meeting Material: 

Flexibility Co-ordinators World E - 13th April 2018

Meeting Material:

Statement of Works Focus Group - 23rd March 2018, London

Public Consultations

For information regarding public consultations, both past and upcoming, visit our Public Consultations page.

If you require additional information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].