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This section highlights all of the stakeholder engagement activities that have been undertaken and are planned as a part of the Open Networks project. Here you can also find the presentations and outputs from the various stakeholder engagement events. This page includes consolidated sets of stakeholder feedback and how we have incorporated this into the products from the workstreams.


Advisory Group Meeting - 26th September 2018, London

Meeting Material: 

Open Networks: Future Worlds Consultation

Stakeholder Events

Edinburgh - 29th August 2018

London - 3rd September 2018


Webinar 1 - 21st August 2018 

Webinar 2 - 13th September 2018


Advisory Group Meeting - 2nd August 2018, London

Meeting Material: 

Supporting Material:


Advisory Group Meeting - 4th June 2018, London

Meeting Material: 

NETSO Coordinates World D - 27th April 2018

Meeting Material: 

Flexibility Co-ordinators World E - 13th April 2018

Meeting Material:

 Advisory Group Meeting - 12th April 2018, London

Meeting Material:

Statement of Works Focus Group - 23rd March 2018, London

Advisory Group Meeting - 20th December 2017, London

Meeting Material:

Advisory Group Meeting - 25th October 2017, Glasgow

Meeting Material:

Advisory Group Meeting - 31st August 2017, London

Advisory Group Meeting - 19th July 2017, London

Advisory Group Meeting - 25th April 2017, London

Public Consultations

For information regarding public consultations, both past and upcoming, visit our Public Consultations page.

If you require additional information, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].