Stakeholder Engagement

We believe that stakeholder input to the Open Networks project is absolutely critical. We have worked to involve anyone who has any interaction with the networks in Great Britain, across the whole energy system.

We have created a representative Advisory Group containing approximately 40 experts from across the GB energy industry including Suppliers, Aggregators, iDNOs, industry groups, academia, Generators, consumer groups, the gas industry, Government, Ofgem and other industry parties. ENA and its members have used the Advisory Group to inform stakeholders of project progress, but more importantly allow contribution and input to the workstream products at a very early stage. All of this input and feedback has heavily shaped the outcome of products, and we encourage stakeholders to continue with their feedback into 2018 and beyond. This group meets bimonthly, and outputs are posted on the events page. A full list of our Advisory Group members can be found here.

We also maintain a mailing list to get the latest updates from the project. If you would like to join the list, please click here.