Network Innovation

ENA and its members are committed to Research & Development (R&D) initiatives that will provide benefits to customers, the electricity industry and stakeholders. Our approach is to identify emerging technologies and opportunities that could increase the efficiency of operations, enhance overall safety and provide a reliable network that delivers a high quality of supply.

Since 2004 Ofgem have introduced a number of funding mechanisms to help promote R&D, drive innovation and develop new and existing technologies.  These mechanisms include:

  • Innovation Funding Incentive (IFI) 

  • Low Carbon Networks (LCN) Fund

  • Network Innovation Allowance (NIA)

  • Network Innovation Competetion (NIC)

As a part of the Transmission and Distribution Licences, the Electricity and Gas Networks are required to produce a joint innovation strategy. The plan for the Electricity Strategy, which is known as the Electricity Network Innovation Strategy, can be found here.

ENA understands the importance of stakeholders in the development of this strategy, and hence we have built a significant amount of engagement opportunities into the plan. We will be posting more information about how to get involved in the development of the strategy on this page across the next year. 

For further details, please contact Randolph Brazier ([email protected])