Heat Pumps


Domestic Heat Pumps have a strategic role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the energy consumed from heating houses.  ENA and its members are investing in smart networks to ensure the networks can safely and reliably support the range of electricity demand and generation, including electricity demand and harmonic issues from heat pumps.  

The Renewable Heat Incentive and the Green Deal shall incentivise customers to look at greener renewable technologies to heat their homes and buildings, with Domestic Heat Pumps being at the forefront along with other techniques including insulation and Photo Voltaic (Solar Panels).

Please click on the below links for information on the Renewable Heat Incentive: 


Domestic RHI

Non-Domestic RHI

For information on the Green Deal, click here.

ENA Heat Pumps Working Group

This working group concentrated on connection processes and the evaluation of  technical characteristics for Domestic Heat Pumps.  The working group has now introduced connection notification processes via discussions with BEIS, Ofgem and MCS/Gemserve. 

The working group has now met the Terms of Reference. ENA will now progress with the Low Carbon Technologies working group also covering Electric Vehicles, established to address high level technical, regulatory and standards issues as GB moves toward a low carbon economy.

Heat Pump Installation notification 

BS 7671 (The Wiring Regulations) states in section 132.16, Additions and alterations to an installation: 

“No addition or alteration, temporary or permanent, shall be made to an existing installation, unless it has been ascertained that the rating and the condition of any existing equipment, including that of the distributor, will be adequate for the altered circumstances."

The Distribution Code DPC 5.2.1 states:

“Users shall contact the DNO in advance if it is proposed to make any significant change to the connection, electric lines or electrical equipment, install or operate any generating equipment or do anything else that could affect the DNO’s Distribution system or require alterations to the connection.”

The National Terms for Connection states: 

"You must contact us in advance if you propose to make any significant change to the connection or to the electric lines or electrical equipment at the premises, or if you propose to do anything else that could affect our network or if you require alterations to the connection."

Notification Forms 

Please see links to installation notification forms A, B and C below:

For further details, please contact Randolph Brazier.