Connection of Generation > 3.68kW (G59)

Engineering Recommendation G59/3-2 (2015)

The following five appendices from G59/3-2 (2015) - A13.1, A13.2, A13.3, A13.4 and 13.5 - have been made available in MS Word format and are free to download below. Once connection forms have been completed they should be sent to the DNO in your area. Please note the ENA is not able to process these documents. You can find out who your DNO is on our Who is My Network Operator? page. 

G59 Standard Application Form

It is possible to connect almost any generation plant to the distribution network. The Data Registration Code of the Distribution Code sets out the obligations on the generator and DNO to exchange data as part of the design process and lists the data items that may need to be exchanged. The purpose of the application form below is to simplify and clarify this data exchange process.

Please note: This form is to be used for generation that is over 50kW  3-phase or 17 kW  single phase or is classed as non type tested generation as per G59/3. For type tested generation of 50kW or less 3-phase or 17 kW or less single phase then the G59/3-1 form A13.5 should be used.

Engineering Recommendation G59/2-1 (2011)

Please note from December 1 2014 any connections application or products referencing G59/2 will no longer be acceptable and will not be processed/connected by the Network Operator. Such connection applications/products submitted/used after 1 December 2014 must be in accordance with G59/3.

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