Use of Export Limitation Schemes (G100)

Engineering Recommendation G100 (2016) - Technical Guidance for Customer Export Limiting Schemes 

The purpose of this Engineering Recommendation (EREC) is to provide guidance on the connection of Customer Export Limiting Schemes (ELS) that operates in parallel with the Distribution Systems of licensed Distribution Network Operators (DNOs). 

The guidance given is designed to facilitate the connection of ELS whilst maintaining the integrity of the Distribution System, both in terms of safety and supply quality.

This EREC is intended to provide guidance to Customers planning to use an ELS and to DNOs. 

This document should be read in conjunction with EREC G83 and G59. 

As the cost of generation continues to reduce, many Customers are now seeking to increase the amount of generation installed within their premises to offset their import requirements. Where the DNO has assessed that an increase in generation export capacity will require costly or time-bound upstream reinforcement, some Customers may choose to restrict the net export from their connection rather than wait for or contribute to the reinforcement.

A typical ELS may be used in the following scenarios:

  • Over-sizing the generation and limiting the peak output
  • Increasing flexibility of on-site demand at times of peak output
  • Guaranteeing a defined export limit 

Engineering Recommendation G100 is available here.