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Keep your friends close and your close working relationships closer

The continuing ‘interesting time’ for energy has been increasingly more curious in recent weeks. We’ve seen the not so shocking revelations from Peter Lilley MP and Chris Heaton-Harris MP casting light on the Conservative’s views on the renewables and climate change policy when they were secretly filmed by Greenpeace two weeks ago. There has been the public disagreement on wind energy and renewable subsidies between Secretary of State Ed Davey and his Energy Minister John Hayes. But things really took an odd turn this weekend.

The master plan to undermine the greenest government ever

Everyone saw it coming; the shifting of personnel at the re-shuffle brought in climate change sceptics who are anti-wind. This was no coincidence that they were brought in. Hendry wasn’t moved aside to make way for younger blood.

Can innovation be business as usual?

Another year of impressive innovation and another hugely successful annual conference for the unique Low Carbon Networks Fund last week in Cardiff. Covering everything from the vital engagement with communities through to the detail and technicalities of the new technologies being deployed, the learning from the LCN Fund was startling.

We’re having the wrong national conversation

We have a reality gap. A disconnect. Something of a mismatch in terms of where society says it wants consumer issues on energy to be and where those who understand these things know it will have to go to eventually to save us money and address climate change.

Lord Heseltine joins the energy debate

Yesterday saw the publication of a very individual report by the original political “blonde bombshell” Michael Heseltine. The title was ‘No stone unturned in pursuit of growth’. Which said it all really. Amongst the 87 recommendations in the Report were some that concerned energy.

More musings from our philosopher Energy Minister

What were we to make of it? A senior Minister going apparently off message whilst quoting incomprehensible Austrian philosophers and a Secretary of State allegedly gagging his Departmental Ministerial colleague. Welcome to energy policy in the autumn of 2012.

Why 2014? Why not 2015? Or 2016?

What is Brussels’ obsession with the 2014 timeline? Some time ago EU Heads of State agreed that the completion of the internal energy market in Europe would be ‘by 2014’. What is Brussels’ obsession with the 2014 timeline?

If ‘green’ is no longer a sandal and tie-dye issue then why does it seem so hard?

Since the departure of Charles Hendry, Laura Sandys is now PPS to greenest Conservative Minister, Rt Hon Greg Barker, and potentially one of a rare bunch of Conservatives who could be considered ‘green’ at all. It isn’t too hard to see where advocates of renewable energy and tackling climate change get the fear that this Government is incapable of delivering on its “Greenest Government ever” promise.

ENA Delta-ee Report finds that gas could play a role in heat way into the future

Gas could continue to have a vital role to play in heating people's homes way into the future according to a report published by ENA. The Report was prepared for ENA by Delta-ee. It has analysed the UK's housing stock in a detailed way looking at how the various heating technologies currently available could be effectively deployed.

So long Mr Wicks

All at Energy Networks Association were sad to hear the news of the death of Malcolm Wicks on Saturday 29 September. We have worked with Malcolm ever since he was an Energy Minister and he was a great friend to ENA and to the networks.

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