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Why 2014? Why not 2015? Or 2016?

What is Brussels’ obsession with the 2014 timeline? Some time ago EU Heads of State agreed that the completion of the internal energy market in Europe would be ‘by 2014’. What is Brussels’ obsession with the 2014 timeline?

If ‘green’ is no longer a sandal and tie-dye issue then why does it seem so hard?

Since the departure of Charles Hendry, Laura Sandys is now PPS to greenest Conservative Minister, Rt Hon Greg Barker, and potentially one of a rare bunch of Conservatives who could be considered ‘green’ at all. It isn’t too hard to see where advocates of renewable energy and tackling climate change get the fear that this Government is incapable of delivering on its “Greenest Government ever” promise.

ENA Delta-ee Report finds that gas could play a role in heat way into the future

Gas could continue to have a vital role to play in heating people's homes way into the future according to a report published by ENA. The Report was prepared for ENA by Delta-ee. It has analysed the UK's housing stock in a detailed way looking at how the various heating technologies currently available could be effectively deployed.

So long Mr Wicks

All at Energy Networks Association were sad to hear the news of the death of Malcolm Wicks on Saturday 29 September. We have worked with Malcolm ever since he was an Energy Minister and he was a great friend to ENA and to the networks.

Rebuilding Britain: starting with energy infrastructure

Ed Miliband will be hoping people think of ‘One Nation’ as his party’s slogan from the conference, the energy industry will be quite happy to keep hold of the idea of ‘Rebuilding Britain’,

Our challenge and the Coalition’s

You’d expect the most telling comment on the Government’s position on energy in Brighton last week to come from their Secretary of State Ed Davey. But, although he delivered countless confident fringe moments, administered an albeit small dose of much-needed confidence to the industry and investors, and reassured us with a recognition of balance; he was somehow slightly upstaged by a quiet and easily missed comment from Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander.

Networks are the key to unlock the voter's support

There has been much talk about what the PM said to outgoing and incoming Ministers during the reshuffle the other week. Every politician knows it is “the revolving door of politics” but despite this the shock, disappointment or jubilation is always acute.

Keeping the door of optionality open

Writing on Politic Homes, Ed Davey is right to highlight the future role for gas and to not close the door of optionality for our energy mix.

European Commission’s Internal Energy Market Review

ENA understands that the Energy Directorate within the European Commission is making good progress with its review of Europe’s internal energy market. It is expected to publish its findings on 17 October, and they should make for interesting reading.

A reshuffle of policy as well as people?

When Nigel Lawson announces his satisfaction with where the Government was going, is a Government described by its leader as “the greenest government ever” suddenly losing its green hue?

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