ENA Infographics: Innovating for the Future

As part of ENA's infographic campaign, Paul Bircham, Commercial Strategy and Support Director at Electricity North West, writes about the importance of taking an innovative approach to the way energy is created, stored and delivered to customers across the UK. Check out the full series of ENA's infographics here.

Keeping homes warm, TVs streaming and mobiles fully charged can only be made possible by taking an innovative approach to the way energy is created, stored and delivered to customers across the UK.

This ethos is at the forefront of our minds as we proactively transform the way energy is delivered to meet the needs of our five million customers across the North West now and for decades to come

Energy innovation is never far from both the public and media agenda with the smart meter roll-out, surge of new electric cars after government plans to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040 and just last week National Grid announced that the summer set a new landmark for clean energy as it was the greenest summer ever.

Their analysis showed that thanks to renewable energy between 21 June and 22 September nearly 52% of power came from low-carbon sources, compared with 35% in 2013 and this follows the first ever coal-free day in the UK back in April.

We are proud of our proven track record of successfully delivering innovative projects that deliver real improvements to customers in terms of capacity, affordability and safety.

In the last five years we have won £42m of competitive funding to ensure our network is fit for the future. This includes our pioneering award-winning Capacity to Customers (C2C) project which has now been implemented as business as usual and shared as best practice across the UK and our community energy saving project Power Saver Challenge.

The role of the distribution network operator is no longer just to maintain the network it is now our responsibility to think smarter and get more out of the network to reduce costly new infrastructure, analyse and react to customer behaviours and help customers in fuel poverty. We are now on a journey to becoming a responsive and agile network operator with a hyper-local approach and with local communities at the heart.

We’re now seeing customers who want to sell their locally-generated energy to other customers locally. This can be incredibly efficient and we need to encourage it. It also shows that networks have a unique role to play as enablers and participants in creating open markets to allow this type of progress to happen to secure future energy needs.

We have a fundamental role to play as we are the lynchpin between both local and national generation and consumers and we are key to ensuring that the Distribution Systems Operator (DSO) model succeeds.

The North West is rich in renewable resources and opportunities and we’re proud to support the Northern Powerhouse and help lead the way to a carbon neutral Manchester in collaboration with the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham.

It’s an exciting time to be part of this energy revolution and we’re looking forward to planning and transforming the network for our customers now and for generations to come. 


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