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Welcome to the new ENA blog.

We want you to engage in these discussions with us so please share your comments and observations on the topics here.

Through this Blog we are looking to share some of the policy areas being debated and encourage you to be part of the discussions.

By representing both the electricity and gas networks we are withough prejudice to the type of energy. Our members serve one purpose - to keep our lights on, our homes warm and delivering this vital service to the businesses and industries of our economies in the most safe, reliable and affordable way.

Please check back here regularly for updates, tweet about it - you can follow and reference us as @EnergyNetworks - and most importantly, engage in the debate.

If you have any suggestions or wish to start a discussion of your own here then please email [email protected]

ENA Infographics: World Leading Performance

As part of ENA's infographic campaign, Colin Taylor, Director of Engineering Services at SP Energy Networks, writes about the reliability and world-leading levels of performance of the energy networks and how the networks are constantly working to get better and better. Check out ENA's infographics here:

ENA Infographics: Delivering Value for Money

As part of ENA's infographic campaign, Julie Minns, Head of Customer Engagement at UKPN, talks about the importance of energy networks delivering value for money and keeping costs down for customers. Check out ENA's infographics here:

ENA Infographics: Prioritising Safety

As part of ENA’s infographic campaign, Andrew Hopkins, Director of Operations at Wales and West Utilities writes about the importance of safety and how health and wellbeing of employees is a top priority for energy network companies. Check out ENA's infographics here: