Back to the future as MPs propose energy renationalisation

This week some Labour MPs called for the renationalisation of the energy industry and proposed the creation of a ‘National Energy Corporation’. In a motion tabled on Thursday the MPs called for “Britain's energy industry” to “be returned to public ownership”. However before we all prepare for imminent take over, as Whitehall officials get the valuers in, the motion has been supported by only three MPs. They are Kelvin Hopkins, Jeremy Corbyn and Paul Flynn. None of whom are known by their own admission as in the mainstream of the Labour Party. Also the motion will never be debated. Nevertheless it should never be forgotten that there is always a strain of political opinion which is sympathetic to such a move.

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  1. Jason Briscoe:
    Mar 18, 2013 at 02:27 PM

    This suggestion from Labour is not as daft as it sounds as there are many facets to the industry that simply do not work. Whilst there has been numerous benefits that have occurred through privatisation and business separation, the ever increasing cost of energy and the disconnect bewtween supplier and distributor creates a host of problems for connected customers. What the country needs is a platform that allows companies to operate as effeiciently as they do now since privatisation, with the customer service levels and co-operatation of when we were a natationalised industry.

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