Time for a smart discussion on demand response

Energy Networks Association (ENA) and Energy UK have launched a discussion paper to the industry to kick-start discussions on Smart Demand Response (SDR) in GB.

The two organisations have been working together in this area for almost 3 years and this discussion paper is part of a process of engaging the industry and stakeholders.

During the process the two associations have established the common language involved in SDR; the benefits, barriers, areas of common interest and areas of potential conflict. The key message from this is that SDR represents a significant opportunity and that it should have the potential to be available to benefit all customers.

Critically, the paper stresses that it does not prematurely prescribe a solution, but more is the start of a discussion to establish what the solution will need to achieve. Customers are absolutely essential to the success of any demand response measures and are not ignored in this paper. However, it is necessary for the industry to first understand what SDR looks like from its own perspective before articulating this to a wider, and understandably less informed, general public.

The potential SDR benefits are wide ranging and have both customer and technical networks advantages. Customers will gain from greater choice, increased access to new technologies and the ability to make more use of renewable generation. The networks benefits will also mean we can make the most of the existing infrastructure to minimise the cost of new infrastructure and therefore the impact on customer bills.

For networks, it will help avoid network overloading by managing consumption, avoid excessive unused capacity and will help balance generation on a national scale whilst making use of local distributed generation sources.

The paper will be publicised widely throughout the industry and feedback is welcomed. There will also be roundtable discussions and online forums to get as much input into the debate as possible.

More details and the paper itself are available here.

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  1. Energy Networks Association (ENA) and Energy UK have launched a discussion paper to the industry to kick-start discussions on Smart Demand Response (SDR) in GB.
    It would be helpful if the ENA made it clear that this paper is focused almost entirely on shifting electricty demand - the whole smart rollout at the top level seems to mix gas and electicty consumer behaviour as if they were potentially similar, but when one drills down, the likely impact on demand and consequent benefits are quite discrete.

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